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All Britax car seats are made for maximum protection and toughness. Most of the car seat product lines contain an expanded weight element that lengthens the useable life of the seat covers exceptionally. The Britax car seat covers are created to be eye-catching and stimulating for small children or infants. All of them are washable and removable.

When the seats covers been used long, with the expanded weight and multiply washings, a time will come that the covers have to be replaced. Normally, what this says is that the seat has been well used and continues to be serviceable and a replacement cover can turn that good conditioned car seat pretty much as brand new as during its first purchased.

Upon purchase of your car, you might have opted for a car seat design that your little child likes or something to make your new born baby comfortable. Then again, as the child ages other covers may be more appealing or suitable. Britax offers a wide range of car seat cover designs and prints that can suit the different tastes of children and adults.

Here are just some of the great designs, not the complete list yet:

Go with mileage with this convertible car turned seat cover – the Roundabout and Marathon 70. Children will be fascinated with this black and white fabric pattern – CowMooflage. The Berkley cover is a rich black border with a lighter tan herringbone highlight panel in the center it is an subtle and vintage pattern. A slightly warmer yet sweet to the eyes is the Smokey Pear with its light chocolate fabric and accented panel of tan with polka dots. This next seat cover is well suited for infants, together with the Britax travel system, to be converted into a stroller seat – the Chaperone by Britax. Moonstone covers feature a lovely teal for the main fabric and cut of an art deco style with black and light gray. Black and Silver is simple what its name say – a rich black fabric with pearly accents.

The different seat cover styles and designs of Britax can go on for several pages, yet not all designs are available for all car seat models. Each style of car seat usually has at least one pattern that is unique to that style. All being said, Britax truly provides the style and color of seat cover suitable for everyone.