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Find the Best Car Seat for your Baby

People have the general tendency of forgetting that babies also need protection while in a vehicle. Actually most people just place kids in car seats and proceed with driving. The unprotected children have always been exposed to injuries occasioned by the instant brakes or portholes in the roads.

Did you know that car accidents are the number one cause of death of children aged less than 14 years? While in some accidents the child would have no chance to survive, in over 60% they could have survived if they had used a car seat appropriately. The correct use of a car seat can actually save lives, baby car seats have been shown to reduce fatal injuries by 70%, and toddler seats by 55%.

As a driver, you also get divided attention when your kid is not belted down on a special seat. You will definitely keep on checking and monitoring the kid’s movements as to avoid any incidents. Baby car seats have proved to solve this whole problem. They are just special seats designed with the ability to firmly and diligently hold a baby in a certain position and to protect from unnecessary movements. Choosing and searching a baby car seat is actually a very difficult task. There is a whole list of variations to consider and could have various effects depending on the final choice made.

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Choosing a safety Car Seat

If you have come across the situation of buying a car seat, I’m sure you can also testify how difficult and tedious it is to buy / choose the ideal car seat for your baby. Sometimes can be confusing decide what type of car seat to buy, because there is no single best car seat for every child or vehicle.

Currently on the market all car seats are tested rigorously to protect your baby against accidents and fires, so any car seat you buy NEW is technically safe for your child. A famous car seat brand has a high quality but isn’t always the best decision, first you should think about what type of car seat best fits your child and is the easiest for you to use.

Our Car Seat Buying Guide can help you make a decision of how to choose a car seat.

There are several designs for the seats that are designed and manufactured by different manufactures. Besides the different designs from the manufacturers, there are several main factors to consider before or when buying baby car seats. They include:

  • The comfort: Any kind of seat is designed with certain level of comfort. High levels of comfort will definitely call for a higher amount of money. The levels of comfort are actually determined by the materials used to make. A baby car seat should generally be more comfortable than any other seat due to the car movements. Children are delicate and need more protection.
  • Adjustable Feature: babies are occasioned to growing from one body size to the other. In case you buy a fixed size baby car seat, you would probably do this on annual basis or maybe until the baby grows a bit older. There are seats that are adjustable to accommodate very young infants and proceed on with them until they are bigger babies. This type of baby car seats are the best though more expensive.

Types of car seats

With some different types of car seat to choose from, knowing which car seat is the best for your child can be a challenge.

Baby (infant only) car seats

The weight limit is between 20 lbs (10 kg) and 35 lbs (15 kg) and they are designed for rear-facing use only.

Advantages: The great advantage of these seats are that most have convenient stay-in-car base and the car seat itself clicks in and out of the base, which greatly facilitates the transportation of your child out of the car.

Disadvantages: These car seats are simply to use in the first years of life after that you will need to purchase a convertible seat.

Convertible (infant-toddler) car seats

The weight limit is between 40 lbs (18 kg) and 70 lbs (32 kg) and they are designed to function as both rear-facing seats for babies and toddlers and forward-facing seats for older children. (However after several tests the conclusion is that it is safer to keep your child in a car seat facing backwards, you should only turn the seat forward when your child has more than two years old).

Advantages: You can keep your child rear-facing longer, because this is the safest way.

Disadvantages: The major disadvantage to baby car seats is that they have no support base, which means that they are not portable. Transporting your child gets more complicated because you cannot take the car seat with him.

Booster seats

There are two types of booster seats, the High Back Booster and Backless Booster seat. The weight limit is between 35 lbs (16 kg) and 90 lbs (40 kg) and they use the regular car lap and shoulder belts to secure the child. A high back booster car seat is used if the middle of the child’s ears is above the vehicle’s back seat and a backless booster seat is used in cars with high back seats or low back seats.

Advantages: The high back booster provide the best positioning of the shoulder belt. The backless booster is compact and lightweight and makes easier if you need to change the car seat for other car.

Disadvantages: The high back booster usually cost more and they are bulkier. Some backless booster may not position the shoulder belt appropriately on the child.