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Retired British aeronautical engineer, Owen Maclaren in the 1960s, designed the iconic brand of Maclaren pushchair. Even though Maclaren had no recognized familiarity with baby strollers, he does make pushchairs that are fast and efficient. He wanted to design a buggy for his granddaughter and so the brand started. His designs are lightweight and portable to bring about the comfort a baby wants and the ease of use and durability that a mother needs.

After fifty years of construction, Maclaren has grown form a pet project from the owner to one of the most trendy international baby stroller brands. These modern strollers are made from lightweight space aged materials and easily compliment the modern lifestyle. These strollers are easy to operate, offer one-handed folding, and provide a rugged durability not found in other pushchairs.

The range has two double or twin buggies and six single buggies in the buggy collection. Prices for these strollers range from what you would find for a competitive entry level chair to the high priced luxury preferred by many celebrities. Prepared from hard-wearing materials, several designs are made with the cooperation of designers, who lend their names to the brand. This enables a fashionable mom to take her unique edition baby carrier and accessories from the runway to the streets.

Several A-list celebrities have been seen sporting their toddlers in a Maclaren stroller. These celebs include Maggie Gyllenhaal, Geri Halliwell, Mini Driver, Salma Hayek, Isla Fisher, Heidi Klum and Nicole Richie amongst others.

Accessories can be bought independently and include mosquito nets, head rests, shoulder pads, rain covers, wheel bags, foot muffs, reversible seat liners, sun parasols and carry bags. The seat liners are machine washable and come in modern styles and designs. This makes it simple to purchase coordinating support features such as baby rockers or slings.

The Mclaren pushchairs are lightweight, compact and trouble-free to maneuver with the help of the pivot wheels. It is usually folded in a simple movement with single hand. Not all the pushchairs have reclining seats. A few chairs in the range have a seat that reclines to a flat position that will be suitable for newborns. There is a sliding bar to support the seat.

Modern products in the range include toy editions of its carrycots, travel cots, prams, bags, buggies and other products. Toiletries are some of the innovations such as massage oils for babies, nappy change balm, dusting powder and more. All of these items can be kept in your color coordinated bag or the pushchair diary, for easy access when you are out with baby.

The company offers a basic warranty with every purchase. This warranty covers manufacturing defects in the workmanship and materials for up to 12 months on buggies used in compliance with the instructions in the operating manual and under normal conditions. For these strollers, the standard warranty always applies. However, if you register your stroller with the manufacturer, the warranty is automatically upgraded to a Sovereign Lifetime Warranty status.

These buggies range presents versatility, durability and stylish design. The tubular aluminum that makes up the structure is modern and sturdy. Added safety features ensure that your infant will be safe and happy at all times.

Regarding baby strollers,, one of the best models you can choose from is the Mclaren Pushchair. Loved by celebrities and professionals, this advanced baby pushchair offers the best in luxury and safety.