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When expecting a little bundle of joy, every parent interested in Graco rear-facing infant car seats hopes to know more about the car seat they might use for their sweet baby.

The SnugRide 35, the SnugRide 32 and the My Ride 65 are three popular car seat selections out of the vast car seat options that exist by the car seat maker.

Budget-conscious moms and dads attempting to squeeze every penny out of every dollar, might consider the MyRide65. It is designed so that it can be either a forward-facing infant car seat or rear-facing infant car seat, depending of course on the baby’s current weight. Even better, as a forward-facing car seat, it can hold a child until they hit 65 pounds in weight, allowing parents longer use of this car seat than many other car seats currently available for purchase.

The SnugRide 32 is a rear-facing infant car seat that is able to carry an infant from 5 lbs to 32 lbs. This infant car seat offers convenience to parents in that it can be used with most strollers, giving parents flexibility in deciding which stroller they would like to use with their infant car seat. Furthermore, it allows parents to transport their little one from car to house or car to stroller without ever having to remove the child from the car seat itself.

Those hoping to maximize their infant car seat value could also consider studying about the rear-facing SnugRide 35, which holds an infant 5 lbs longer than the SnugRide32 and is also able to be used with most strollers.

In conclusion, new parents never regret their decision to gather as much knowledge as possible about car seats such as the Graco infant car seats available on the market today.

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